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As soon as I read the title, I knew this post would be about Maestro Tony Deden!

Well gentlemen, I loved reading your article, and I have seen the video interview a dozen times. It's absolutely impossible not to admire Tony's wisdom and humility.

Thank you for writing this beautiful post! You made my day!

One last thin- it was your comments and encouragement a few months back that incited me to start writing more often.

My new piece is about a friend and a mentor who reminds me of Tony Deden. If you have a few spare minutes, check it out!

Best Regards!

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Thanks. Excellent piece. Bravo.

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Excellent piece! 👏👏

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Gracias por el artículo. Ya he visto un par de veces la entrevista en vídeo y tengo algún artículo impreso para leerlo de vez en cuando y refrescar la filosofía de inversión del gran Tony Deden. Enhorabuena!

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Excellent overview. 100% agree with all points in the following quote. And yes, a trip to the Alps probably won’t hurt..Not one bit.

‘For those of us who, like Deden, believe the key to investing is understanding and owning businesses, perhaps we would benefit from more distance from the distraction of the financial world and media. And who knows, a trip to the Swiss Alps probably wouldn’t hurt either’

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thanks for posting. Interesting investor!

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